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Software Development


We provide a comprehensive software development service for industrial automation and process control. This is tailored to meet specific project needs.

  • PLC Programming: Development of PLC Software for all major PLC manufacturers. This can range for a small standalone PLC project to a fully redundant PLC System.
  • HMI Software: Utilising the latest HMI technology to provide information where it is needed.
  • SCADA Systems: Design: Development and support of all major SCADA systems.
  • Database Development: Development and maintenance of Database to ensure you data is where you need it.
  • Database Integration: IOT and IIOT solutions to allow visualisation of your data. Data integration from historical, current and external data sources.
  • Bespoke Reporting Systems: Reporting and Analytics to optimise performance and monitor KPI’s.
  • Mobile and Tablet Applications: Use your technology investment to provide visualisation and information on your portable mobile device.