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 Industrial automation and process control in NI.

PLC software allows machines to perform tasks repeatedly to save time, boost efficiency and diminish errors. Global Automation provides support and development of PLC Software for all major PLC manufacturers.


Technical Expertise in Industrial Automation & Control 

We provide a full range of support services for your Industrial, Commercial or Ar Automation and are not tied to specific manufacturers so we can provide support for most automation, control and PLC systems. Based in Northern Ireland, we are international company and will work anywhere.

Automation Solutions

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the major components in industrial automation and control systems.  PLC programming is an essential task that skilled industrial electricians perform during the configuration of the automated control systems for your business.

See how Global Automation IoT solutions can increase product lifespan and detect issues. Reduce hardware costs by harnessing reliable app connectivity and up-to-date diagnostics.

Sectors we work with


Global automation works with waste water companies and clean water companies, automating processes, equipment and machinery.


Automation of manufacturing machinery. Including food processing furniture manufacturing, construction products and more.


We’re working with the recycling industry on improving efficiencies with automation of metal recycling, chemical recycling and more.


Helping quarries and plants with automation of processes and machinery like crushers, washing equipment and more.

Flexible and scalable Industrial IoT Software for today’s industries.

The next opportunity for your company may involve IIoT solutions of a single machine, process or manufacturing plant…

or it may involve everything from the edge to full supervisory control. Schedule your site visit with our experts today and learn how our approach to Digital Transformation can turn actionable insights into operational improvements.